The Bamyan Renewable Energy Project (BREP) has exceeded its goal of 2,490 customer connections...

with this weeks’ connection of the Bamyan New City 400kW solar PV array to the Bamyan Bazaar. This extension supplies an additional 320 customers with electricity, bring the total number of connected customers to 2500.

The Bamyan Bazaar electricity network, designed by the Aga Khan Foundation, was originally supplied with a 600kVA diesel generator. Due to high operating costs and insufficient use the large generator was mothballed. Since then the network has been running with limited capacity on a smaller generator for only a few hours each day.

The new connection was completed by the local utility, DABS, with minimal assistance from international personnel on site reflecting a growth in local capabilities.

The BREP is an $18.6 million New Zealand Ministry of Foreign and Affairs and Trade funded project, developed with the purpose of leaving behind the “gift” of an off-grid, sustainable power supply to serve 2,490 homes in Bamyan that were without electricity.

The Aga Khan Foundation has built another electricity network in Zargaron Village due to be commissioned next week. The Zargaron network will potentially add another 2,500 customers to the Bamyan New City network. The Zargaron network was originally built with the intent of utilising a larger diesel generator but this idea was superseded once DABS recognised the efficiencies and additional cost benefits in running on solar power.

NETcon has completed the build component of the BREP and continues to support DABS in an advisory and capacity building role as the lead partner on the Bamyan Capabilities Building Project (CBP). The CBP Project Manager says that "the increase of customer participation, if managed well, has the potential to provide a significant benefit to the local population. This, coupled with NETcon’s continued assistance to DABS, will result in an exciting phase of growth for the local utility. The project provides a significant legacy for the local people and continues to highlight the positive contribution NETcon has made to this exciting New Zealand Aid project"



Program Manager and Team working through the design upgrades to allow additional connections


The local Bazar has now been powered directly from the Solar Project


Keith Scoles and Dave Armstrong had the honour to represent New Zealand and NETcon at the memorial service for the fallen. Yesterday marked the anniversary of a number of soldiers who lost their lives while serving in Afghanistan.

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