Tribute to long-term staff

NETcon recognises long-serving staff members.

NETcon Ltd is the industry leader when it comes to installing and maintaining the electrical supply to homes and businesses throughout South Canterbury. A growing company with 95 staff, NETcon is South Canterbury’s first responder when nature’s moods disrupt our power supply as they did during the snow falls of 2006 and this year, and the wind storm of 2013.

Well equipped, trained and experienced teams quickly swing into action when outages occur such as when the weight of snow brings down power lines or wind topples trees and branches on to them. But as well as repairs and maintenance, NETcon is also renowned for the infrastructural development of our district.

As the main contractor to the Alpine Energy Ltd network, one of the fastest growing networks in New Zealand, NETcon ensures that our economic opportunities are matched by technological excellence in the electricity industry.

That NETcon remains at the forefront of the industry is due to the experience of its team. Of the 95 staff members, 18 have been with the company for 10 years or more. This page recognises our long-serving staff members and in thanking them for their service we pay tribute to the expertise and dedication of our entire workforce.

long-term-staffBack row (from left): Tony Scott – Maintenance and Faults Supervisor – 30 years’ service; Graham Welch – Earthing (Technical Department) – 20; Wendy Zhou – Accountant – 10; Aaron Davis – Supervisor Aerial – 14; Andrea Rankin – Financial Controller – 15; Bill McEvedy – Construction Supervisor – 12; Robin Wilson – Pole Inspections/ Lines Gang – 38; Hank Veldstra – Inspections (Technical Department) – 18; John Jones – Fault Man – retired Friday 13th November 2015 after 38 years’service. Front row (from left): John Hyland – Fault Man – 39 years’ service; Les Holden – Cable Jointer Charge Hand – 31; Barrie Green – Fault Man Tekapo – 41; Richard Phimister – Distribution Manager – 37; Colin Hobbs – Faultman 2IC – 45; Kieran Flannery – Live Lines Mechanic – 31; Darren Skudder – Cable Jointer – 25. (Absent: Dave Hughes – Building Maintenance – 41; Mike King – Pole Inspections/Lines Gang – 34.

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NETcon is the main contractor to Alpine Energy.

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