15th Anniversary

Today NETcon celebrates the 15th anniversary of being in business.

The history of electricity companies in South Canterbury goes back further than that and has seen many changes over the decades. In the year 2000 Alpine Energy Ltd (South Canterbury) together with Network Waitaki Ltd (North Otago) formed the managing company Networks South Limited. On the 3rd of July 2000 NETcon Ltd started operating as the combined contracting company of the above. Networks South was dissolved in 2005 and NETcon continued to trade being jointly owned by Alpine Energy and Network Waitaki. In 2008 Network Waitaki took ownership of the Oamaru branch and the Timaru branch was then wholly owned by Alpine Energy.

15th AnniversaryThe company has been growing since with a current staff number of 90. In recent years the Alpine Energy network has been one of the fastest growing networks in New Zealand which meant a growing demand of resources and supply from NETcon for new power connections and maintenance. NETcon has also successfully been involved in overseas projects with a focus on renewable energy sources.

Extreme weather conditions like the snow falls in 2006 and 2015, and the wind storm in September 2013 bring additional challenges to the business. Over the years the company has always focused on providing stable power supply to all customers in our region and today marked it’s jubilee with a special cake.


15th Anniversary

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NETcon is the main contractor to Alpine Energy.

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