NETcon offers a comprehensive design, construction, and maintenance service. Clients vary from public service utilities to individual land owners. NETcon has a proud history of quality and service in the South Island, being the preferred supplier for Alpine Energy. With a staff of around 100, a modern well equipped fleet we are well able to provide a quality and responsive service including:

  • Underground & Overhead
  • Power System Design
  • Power System Construction
  • Power Supply Maintenance
  • Specialist Trenching and Laying
  • Streetlighting Installation & Maintenance
  • 24 hour on call availability
  • Live Line crews
  • Cable Jointing expertise

Line Construction

Asset Management (Distribution)

NETcon has gained considerable experience in the upgrading and replacement of existing assets. Services can include:

  • Gathering the field data
  • Analysis and reporting on life expectancy
  • Develop and price maintenance solutions
  • Complete work and provide comprehensive documentation

Work can be undertaken on the basis of fixed price contracts, service level agreements or a preferred contractor relationship. Events like unplanned outages are dealt with through agreed response times and procedures.

Land Development

Electrical reticulation represents a critical part of any development. NETcon specialises in the design of the system; liaison with the local authorities; street lighting; underground or overhead reticulation - installation of power cables in conjunction with other utility services such as water; communications and sewerage all need to be considered and coordinated. If you are involved in the following - NETcon can meet your electrical design and build requirements:

  • Development of subdivisions
  • Farm improvements
  • Dairy farm conversions
  • Building a new home on a life-style block
  • Building a residential home
  • Industrial developments

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NETcon is the main contractor to Alpine Energy.

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Infratec is a division of NETcon, specialised in end-to-end renewable energy.

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